Buying baby furniture and baby equipment – A guide for the new moms

Being a parent, the first official act that you have to do apart from delivering the baby is buying baby furniture. The emotions that are involved in both are similar, you’re excited at the beginning, you’re a little bit nervous too and then come the plans and questions about what to buy and what not to buy. With the entire process, you will find yourself totally overwhelmed.

Hey relax! Buying baby furniture doesn’t have to be complicated always. As soon as you walk into the baby store, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Nevertheless, here are the few furniture options that you can take into account.


As long as mattresses are concerned, you should opt for the lightest and firmest ones. This usually means one that is made of foam. The foam mattresses are easier to handle especially at the middle of the night when you require changing sheets post a leak. In case you choose innerspring mattress, watch out for one which has at least 150 coils. When there is an accident like a sudden poop or a pee or a spit up, you can keep your mattress protected and safe.


Remember that buying a more expensive crib will mean that it’s a better choice. All the cribs that are used in America meet similar safety standards of the federal government. Hence you can remain assured that there are many safe cribs in the market. Once you head into the market, you will see that there are several low priced cribs which are much better than the higher priced one. Regardless of what you’re spending on a crib, you should check whether they meet the requirements of your baby. You can also check with the website which lets consumers report dangerous products.


Make sure you check the return policy of the monitor that you buy. It can’t be denied that the baby monitors provide you with enough peace of mind but one big issue can be interference due to the wi-fi routers, cell towers and cordless phones which lie all around. If you get a monitor and see that you can’t hear anything except the neighbor, you should opt for an exchange. In case yours is a small place, this should be an expense to tick off.


Before you buy rockers, try them. Babies usually prefer the back-and-forth motion which is created by gliders and hence including this among your nursery furniture is certainly a wise investment. However, make sure you get a rocker which is comfortable for both you and for your spouse and hence you should try them out. Most gliders have a locking mechanism which is a safety feature when there is another toddler underfoot.

Therefore, when it comes to buying furniture for toddlers, make sure you invest in any or all of the above mentioned options. Get them either online or from offline stores. If you choose the former option, don’t forget to go through the reviews.

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