Glass Product Packaging Meant for E-Commerce Shipping

To ship any kind of glass item can be challenging as they are most likely to get damaged during transportation. There are few established ways of packing that can be done by using bubble wrap or any kind of wrapping so that it can offer little cushioning.

Another way can be by burying the item within foam peanuts. However, the presentation of the packing by using both the above methods may appear messy and awful too.

Also, if too much portion of the product remains uncovered within the bulk custom boxes it may result in shipping damage unless the product is fully immobilized within the package. Bear in mind that if multiple number of products are shipped together then the main cause of damage can be due to collision between the product.

Die-cut corrugated inserts

Experimenting after many years with different varieties of internal packaging items and products, it has been concluded that the best solution for most of the cases meant for product display as well as retention will be a well-designed die-cut corrugated insert.

Following are few advantages of die-cut corrugated inserts you can get while packaging and shipping any glass product.

  1. Eco-friendly

In this packing arrangement in most cases a very high percentage of recycled content is used which are totally recyclable.

  • Low cost

As compared to many other effective solutions this can be the lowest cost option.

  • Provide product visibility

It will also provide the customer a very nice experience of unboxing the product.

  • Printable

You can have graphics or text, random repeat patterns, solid colors.

  • Versatile

They can always be made in number of different designs meant for various applications and also products from simple dividers and partitions too intricate and multi-cavity design.

  • Low cost tooling

Mostly they will cost you only few hundred dollars which can only be one-time expense.

Those who are involved in handling many projects and applications for developing suitable packaging for glass items have realized that all projects are unique. Besides having dimensional differences on items like wine bottles, candles or any other products.

Where you are shipping, how you are shipping, and what is the order quantity may influence the design and also the pricing of each unit.

Requirements of customer can also vary greatly too as in some cases esthetic can be much more important parameter than the safety. Also, in some others the primary concern remains the reduction or elimination of shipping damage.

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