Questions to Ask Yourself While Buying A Washing Machine

You may have knowledge and information on how to buy a washing machine. The understanding may be on the basis of your personal experience or from discussion with colleagues or friends or even the regular repair technician sharing his viewpoints on ideal washing machine brand.

Equipped with this information, you walk inside the storeroom with a confidence that it will be a simple task but very soon you feel baffled at the plethora of options available. Again, you start asking yourself questions –

  • Which brand is an ideal fully-automatic washing machine?
  • Which one makes use of less water?
  • Which one is the best deal?
  • Should I purchase online?

Thorough research on is always a wise thing to do prior deciding. Ask yourself the given questions which will help in choosing a good washing machine.

What kind of washing machine you want?

First decide if you want a semi-automatic or fully automatic. In semi-automatic, there are two tubs and you need to transfer clothes from wash tub manually to the spin tub. Alternatively, in fully-automatic there is a single tub, no checks during cycle, and you will just need to air dry the clothes.

Fully-automatic washers are available in two types – front load and top load. This is the huge decision. If you select top loader then you will need to select high-efficiency machine or washer with agitator. The former uses less energy and water but need special detergent.

Front loaders give best performance but are very expensive. They use less water in comparison, spin faster, so drying clothes is done fast. Down side is front loaders vibrate excessively and have long running cycles.

What is your wish-list for features?

Some crucial features you need to have are –

  • Wash cycles
  • Spin cycle
  • Fuzzy logic [determines the amount of detergent and water to be used]
  • Pre-soak
  • Temperature control

What is the wash tub material and capacity?

Capacity to choose will depend on the purpose like do you intend to wash bed covers or curtains or do you like to wash small loads. Material includes toughened plastic, stainless steel, and porcelain enamel. Stainless steel tub can cost more but is durable and corrosion resistant.

Did you read sufficient reviews about washing machine?

Knowing the necessary features will make your purchase decision easy. You can check consumer reviews to compare different models. Reviews will allow to get familiar with the advantages and drawback of different washers as they are based on consumers personal experience.

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